Preston Jackson & Friends with Judy Page + CIJS House Band 10.16.16


by John Cheek

The CIJS House Band got the evening started with Henry Mancini’s Days of Wine and Roses. Bandleader Larry Harms on clarinet and Matt Buzcko on trumpet kicked on the solos and were followed by the usual rhythm section of Billy Cook on guitar, Jon Byler-Dann on bass, and Jeremy Clark on drums. Why Don’t You Do Right was up next, with Larry’s clarinet and Matt’s plunger mute background behind guest vocalist Bernie Salguero. Jon’s familiar bass line on this tune was reminiscent of Stray Cat Strut. Bernie continued on vocals with Antonio Carlos Jobim’s Corcovado, named after a mountain near Rio de Janeiro, and Matt gave us a superb bubble muted trumpet solo. The band continued with Pfrancing (No Blues), which is a traditional 12-bar blues by Miles Davis with great solos all around. Larry was featured on the ballad My One And Only Love before Bernie came back for Black Coffee. Bernie’s soothing sounds and great phrasing were reminiscent of the simple sounds of the great Chet Baker. The band wrapped up its set with Cute by Neil Hefti, featuring Jeremy Clark on the brushes. Bernie was a great addition to the House Band, which was killer as usual.

The featured act was Preston Jackson & Friends featuring Judy Page, with the renowned Preston Jackson on guitar, Dave Parkinson on tenor sax, John Miller on bass, Steve Degenford on guitar, and Tevin Keeton on drums. The great Judy Page always provides awesome vocals. The band opened with the standard Blue Bossa and gave us a sense of the great sounds we would hear during the set. Tenderly was a medium ballad featuring great solos by Dave, Preston, and Steve, all held together by Tevin’s solid drumming. Judy joined the guys next for a string of vocal features, starting with The Old Man From The Old County, featuring a great bass solo by John, and leading into Dinah Washington’s soulful If I Had (You). Judy continued with Never Make A Move Too Soon by BB King, with a great sax solo by Dave, and the we heard another great solo by Preston on I’ve Grown Accustomed from My Fair Lady. After two more vocal standards, Judy brought back to a Latin mood by calling Sway, leading Dave to grab some maracas to help Tevin out on percussion. Judy’s sweet vocals were complemented by Preston’s background licks and a great guitar solo by Steve. The band finished the night with one more instrumental. It was great to have Preston and Judy back at Jazz Society, and we thank them and the rest of the band for their contributions to keeping Jazz alive in Central Illinois.


 The Illinois Central Jazz Train, directed by Larry Harms, will perform during both sets of the Jazz Society’s November 20th program. Members of the CIJS House Band will be featured prominently in the first set, which will begin at 6:00 p.m. The second set starts at 7:15 p.m. We thank Bill and Joan Flowers for being Program Sponsors for the November concert. The Jazz Train in an outstanding group of musicians who perform unique big band arrangements. We always look forward to their program – be sure to attend.

 We thank Preston Jackson & Friends and song stylist Judy Page for being our Jazz Society guest group for the October concert. Preston led his talented friends on guitar. Joining Preston were David Parkinson on tenor sax, Steve Degenford on rhythm guitar, John Miller on bass, and Tevin Keeton on drums. Preston, Judy, and Friends helped fill the Landmark with a very appreciative crowd. The October program was sponsored to honor J.C. Kline’s birthday and his love of the Jazz Society. J.C. passed away on Sept. 2, 2015. We thank J.C. Kline’s family for sponsoring the concert and honoring J.C in this very special way. Please contact any board member if you would like to sponsor a future concert. Program Sponsors help sustain the Jazz Society through their additional financial support of our monthly programs.

 We thank Ellen Monteith for serving as our MC for the October concert. We also thank Jake Jacobsen, Sally Jacobsen, Tom Harkless, Julie Harkless, Bob Cannon and Ray Ellington for helping with the concert. Thanks to Cedar Hills Sound for providing outstanding sound for all of our monthly programs.


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